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We pride ourselves on being a safe environment for people of all ages. It's important to protect yourself offline, but did you know the same applies online? Below we have a selection of videos to help you stay safe online. Not just when talking to your friends on Social Networks, but when browsing to other websites as well.

Before posting a status online, think about who can see it and who you want to share that information with.

Once you post an image online, it's online forever. Anyone can see it, anyone can download it. Even when you press that "Delete" button on most social networks, the photo stays on their servers for months, even years before being deleted and anyone with the direct link can view it.

Don't let Cyber bullies get to you. If they say things like "You're crap at riding" or other hurtful things, just ignore them or if theres an option, report the message/comment.

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Random Fact

There are over 1.4 million horses in the UK.

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