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Friesian Horse

Photo provided by Anna Ryslinge Photography


The Friesian (also Frisian) horse is a breed of horse from Fries land, a province of the Netherlands. Although the breed's conformation resembles that of a light draft horse, Friesian's are graceful and nimble for their size. During the Middle Ages, the ancestors of Friesian horses were in great demand as war horses throughout continental Europe. Through the Early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages, their size enabled them to carry a knight in Armour In the Late Middle Ages, heavier, draft type animals were needed. Though the breed nearly became extinct on more than one occasion, the modern day Friesian horse is growing in numbers and popularity, used both in harness and under saddle.


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Random Fact

The measurement 'hand' is 4 inches as it was considered to be the average width across a mans knuckles.

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