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If your looking to attract more visitors to your site, then you've come to the right place. If you know how link exchanges work, then scroll down, but if you don't then please continue reading. A link exchange is when two websites place a link to each other, so that links posted on Crazy Horse World will link to the exchanging site, and links on the exchange site will link to Crazy Horse World. This means that the two sites have initiated a link exchange, which helps improve their presence on the web, increasing their page rank, Google search position and monthly visitors.


Submitting a link


If you wish to submit a link, then please use this page to get in touch. Remember, to save time, create the link back to Crazy Horse World before sending your message, and give us 48 hours to add your link to this site. This means as soon as we receive your request, we can see the link working on your site and add yours straight away. 

You can of course wait for us to add your link first, but don't forget this process is longer as it results in more E-Mails going back and fourth.


Terms and Conditions


Below are the Link Exchange Terms and Conditions, if you do not agree with them, please message us so we can understand why. These were last revised July 2019

  • We will NOT post links to any sites which contain viruses, malware, hacking information or anything similar.
  • We will NOT post links anywhere on our website other than the "Links" section unless agreed via special arrangement.
  • We willNOT post links to scam or adult websites.
  • We willNOT post links to free domain providers such at TinyURL, DotTK or similar due to their ease of manipulation.
  • You understand that we check to make sure you are still linking to us periodically.
  • You have the right to remove our link from your website anytime but in doing so, you understand that your link will also be removed from Crazy Horse World.
  • We cannot use HTML code provided in E-Mails.
  • We will no longer post multiple domains to the same website / company.
  • We are no longer accepting links from Redstone Supply or any of their affiliates.

To see a list of links, including our link exchange partners, click here.

Random Fact

Horses drink over 20 gallons of water a day, thats the same as 30 six pint bottles of milk.